Grass Farming

Truly Sustainable Agriculture

Farms that centre around perennial pastures and use grazing practises that mimic the natural behaviour of the great herds of the grasslands build topsoil, sequester atmospheric carbon, reduce erosion, increase water retention and drought resistance, produce a diverse sward of healthy, pest-resistant, high-energy grasses that bring optimal health to the grazing animals of the farm.

Pastured Meats

Raised with dignity, slaughtered with sanctity

A distinction of taste, nutrition, and ethics is drawn between animals raised outdoors: fed a diet rich in grasses, legumes, and forbs - and conventionally raised animals. Meat from animals raised on pastures has a rich flavour profile; a broad spectrum of highly available vitamins, minerals, and other metabolites; dignifies the life of the animal; and can be relished by the eater.

Seasonal Meat

Necessarily Artisanal Production


Pasture-based meat production restores seasonality to the ritual of eating meat. Seasonality is to be celebrated and enjoyed as the different species fatten through the year: lamb in spring and summer, beef in summer and fall, pork through fall and winter. A seasonal harvest ensures the meat is of uncompromising quality in nutrition, flavour, freshness; and cannot be replicated industrially.

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