Herdshare Program

A herdshare program is an opportunity for consumers to become more directly involved in the production and processing of their food than what a more conventional and commercial system would allow. By purchasing a share in the herd, the shareholder will then own a portion of a specific herd of beef animals. The shareholder enters into a contract with the herd manager whereby the manager commits to feeding, boarding and caring for the live animals within the herd in return for payment. When the animals are fattened, the herd manager will then provide the labour to slaughter, cut and wrap, freeze and deliver the meat to the shareholder. As the manager has no ownership in the animals, the shareholder need not purchase the meat which they will receive.

The animals belong solely to the shareholders and the shareholders are simply eating meat from their own herd. It is important to understand that our herdshare program facilitates transparency in the operation. All shareholders are entitled to personally view the farm and butchering facility and be informed of the intricacies of the processing of their meat. This acts to ensure safe and responsible farming practices.

 In the event of animal’s death, how is my share affected?

It must be understood that farming is a seasonal and unpredictable undertaking. In the event of an animal death, the production of the whole herd is down and the distribution of meat to shareholders will decrease proportionally.

As a shareholder you have a vested interest in the well being of your herd. In the unlikely event of a death in the herd, a proportional decrease is designed to evenly distribute the loss over the remaining animals in the herd. The amount of meat received will be slightly decreased and this will be reflected in the balance paid upon delivery.

For example:

5 fat steers = approx. 1625 lbs of cut and wrapped meat.

  • Divided by 40 half shares = 40.6 lbs/share

*if one animal dies, there will remain*

4 fat steers = approx. 1300 lbs of cut and wrapped meat

  • Divided by 40 shares = 32.5 lbs/share