Our Story

 We are Angela and Blake Hall.  We both grew up within Red Deer’s city limits and having grown up in town means we have lived the struggle many of our customers face: the struggle to find a trustworthy source of healthy, delicious, and affordable 100% pasture-finished beef that has been raised humanely in harmony with the environment around it.  

My (Blake’s) farming testimony begins in 2006 with the CRAFT program (Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training) in Southern Ontario on a vegetable farm with a small “dung herd” of highland cattle.  Following that horticultural gateway, I began building a skill set around soil, pasture management, low-stress livestock handling, and grass-based protein production by attending workshops, conferences, seminars, taking a Holistic Management course, and by volunteering on dozens of innovative farming and grazing operations through New England and across Canada.  I completed the loop from soil to grass to fat livestock to food by enrolling in the Meat Processing program at Olds College – one of two programs left in the world that continues to teach the art of slaughter in addition to meat cutting and curing. This story culminates with buying our own farm.

While attending Olds College, our story began and our dreams about a life together were born.   We were married in 2013 and have since pursued the ultimate agricultural enterprise: raising a family.  We have two young children at home.