Prairie Gold's Story

People tend to associate Alberta with OIL but GRASS is Alberta’s first natural resource.  Word made its way east when cowboys first came west and set up vast spreads that there was something about the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains that made the cattle’s bones rattle with meat.  The mineralized soils and golden prairie grasses made Alberta beef famous long before the first gusher did.

The ring of golden fat around a well finished grass-fed steak is an indication of a nutrient-rich food that makes people healthy instead of sick.  The golden colour is the marker of high fat-soluble vitamin A content as well as the high omega 3 fatty-acid profile in pasture-finished beef.

The name Prairie Gold is layered.  The prairie is literally golden in colour for a good part of the year, the prairie grasses themselves are the source of the wealth and health of the farm and our shareholders as it converts sunlight into a harvestable form, and finally, the fat on the pasture-finished beef has a beautiful golden colour and the meat from tip to tail (including organs) is a nutritional gold mine that has sustained pastoralists since humankind’s beginning.   

Prairie Gold Pastured Meats began in 2010 with the purchase a small herd of Lowline Angus cattle from the Sylvan Valley in northern Ontario.  In early 2011 this starter herd was loaded up and brought out to Alberta.

Between 2010 and 2013 land access was Prairie Gold’s biggest barrier as a first generation farm.  In that time period we were tenant farmers on 5 rented farms which was stressful for us and the animals.  We’ve been very fortunate to have met Tom and Margaret Towers of Tamara Ranch where we’ve been living and raising the animals since 2013.  We are proud of our unique non-familial, inter-generational land stewardship arrangement, and to have been chosen by seasoned 4th generation graziers to take over stewardship of their ranch.