Terms And Herdshare Agreement

By clicking "I Agree" you accept and agree to the terms of this Herdshare Agreement.

Beef Share 


As a shareholder I agree to the following:

  • I commit to purchasing a share in a herd of beef cattle, thereby owning a part of that herd.
  • I also commit to pay the cost of feeding and caring for my share of the herd including veterinary cost, and manure handling; for slaughter and disposal of viscera, hide, head and bones; cutting and wrapping; sausage making (if applicable); freezing and delivery of my meat.  
  • I recognize that in order for a beef animal to be the best possible eating experience and a healthy nutrient dense food it must spend the better part of the summer on fresh green grass; therefore it is understood that the herd will not be ready for slaughter until midsummer in the case of ground beef and sausage, and the fall in the case of cut and wrapped beef.
  • I will pick up my meat at a central drop-off point in the municipality I have selected at the time of purchase.
  • I will leave all management decisions to the Herd Manager.
  • I understand that farming is a seasonal and unpredictable undertaking, and that in the event of a death of an animal, the production of the whole herd is down and the distribution of meat to owners will decrease proportionally.
  • I knowingly and voluntarily assume the risk of any and all possible harm, illness, death or damages and waive all right to file or pursue any claims or suits against fellow shareholders, or the Herd Manager.
  • I am open to the challenge of incorporating new cuts of meat into my diet.

You become part owner of the herd when your payment is received. Once received, these funds cannot be reimbursed. A receipt of payment will be e-mailed to you, confirming your ownership.