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When we reached out to shareholders of the Iron Kreek Prairie Gold Pastured Meats Herdshare program and asked them what they found important about it, their responses were overwhelmingly positive. Here's a glimpse into what they had to say:

“It's all about love - for the prairie, the animals, and the people.”

- Jennie Greven

“Competent herdsman; quality grass pasture; no feed additives.”
-  Bob Watson
“Quality of product , locally sourced , environmentally friendly and responsible farming.”
- Doug Graham
“Supporting the farmer directly (both financially and in terms of the social fabric of small family farms and what that contributes to my community as a whole), knowing my meat is raised humanely and with consideration for the environment (organic or close to organic), being a part of contributing to food security and the local economy. I also love that we are using all of the meat and learning to cook different cuts, using the bones, etc. I love that I can get to know your family and have that connection. Being raised on a small mixed family farm myself, this allows me to hold on and support those values.”
- Teresa Neuman
“The personal relationship with the people involved, and the obvious passion and transparency which with the operation is run.”
-  Kevin Bruch
“Local with attention to quality and healthy meat.”
- Leia MacDonald
“The direct relationship and the knowledge (through email and social media) that you are a great small scale responsible operation.”
- Joseph Brocke
“The cost is absolutely on par with what we are comfortable with, and the amount of meat we get in each share is adequate for our needs. We love the different and varied cuts, and having access to bones and offal, if desired. We also appreciate the access we have both to our farmer and the farm. It has been valuable for our children to see and learn about. We also appreciate the community involved in this herd share.”
-  Jeremy Bouw
“Enables me to talk about it to friends in a very pious manner.  But mostly just better quality meat.”
- Jay Stromsmoe
“Farm to my plate, interaction with the actual farmer, taste and availability.”
- Michael Tofin
“Dat pork and dat beef. Seriously though, I enjoy the overall transparency, honesty, and intimacy; the herdsman reports, field visits, shareholder meetings, etc.”
- Taylor Browning
“The delivery aspect, the way the animals are raised and slaughtered, how we are all in it together (in a way).”
- Jen Guillemin
“As a local business owner myself, I can understand all aspects of the herdshare program. I am happy to participate in the risk/reward to ensure that this program continues. This beef is integral to our diet.”
- Denver Swainson
“Ethical practices. Knowing my herdsman. Good meat.”  
-Naomi Kerchinksy