The Prairie Gold Pastured Meats Herdshare program exists to provide our local community with a humanely-raised source of healthy, delicious, and affordable 100% pasture-finished beef.

We are advocates for unregulated farm gate sales and strongly believe that food education is not the consumer’s privilege, but the consumer’s right. We believe that food should have a face, and that face should be accountable to its customers. When a consumer sources their food privately and directly through farmers, a sovereign local food system develops. We believe that it is very important for shareholders to act as their own food inspectors. In the herd share model, the shareholder is encouraged to form a relationship with their herd manager and judge the cleanliness of the farm and meat processing facility, the herd manager’s agricultural practices and the herd manager’s integrity for themself. As a shareholder you are welcome to visit the farm at any time, to tour the farm and meat facility and most importantly, to meet your animals.

The herdshare program enables us to operate as a small farm and to do so in a way that builds community, stewards the land that surrounds us all, and yields delicious and nutrient-rich beef.