Blindman Beef Box

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Blindman Beef Box

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In celebration of Prairie Gold Pastured Meats finding a new permanent home on a gorgeous land base located on the banks of the Blindman River, we bring you the Blindman Beef Box. This conveniently packaged beef box is perfect for the busy family who values putting nutrient dense meals on the table, but doesn't always have the time or resources to braise, simmer, and saute. Included with the box are tried and tested recipe cards to lessen your mealtime load even further. The proteins provided in the Blindman box are the base of quick, uncomplicated, weekday meals when our good intentions of ideal meals take the backseat to convenience. Access to this 100% grass fed beef will ensure you still provide nutrient dense lunches and dinners to your family with little planning, minimal time, and almost no effort. 

Each box includes: 

* 5 - 1.5 lb frozen ground beef packs 
* 1 package of pepperoni sticks - perfect for snacking and sending in bagged lunches 
* 1 - 1 lb pizza pepperoni chub
* 1 - 1lb salami sandwich meat chub
* 2 - 1lb packs of either hot dogs and/or smokies 
* 5 burger patties 

Delivery of boxes scheduled to be delivered to Red Deer on Thursday, November 7th at the Eastview Skate Shack from 4:00 - 6:00 pm. The skate shack is located 120 Ellenwood Drive. 

Delivery of Delivery of boxes scheduled to be delivered to Calgary on Saturday, November 9th at the