Low and Slow Sampler

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Low and Slow Sampler

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Turn down the oven and set your timer. These pieces of meat are often overlooked in favour of cuts that can be cooked quickly on a hot grill. However, if you have the time on a chilly, wintery weekend, you'll thank yourself for planning ahead. Cooking this beef at a low temperature, slowly over the course of several hours, yields an eating experience that is packed with honest beefy flavour, that is more tender than expected, and that is satisfying to all the senses. 

Each sampler box contains:

* 2 packs of stew beef
* 1 - 3-4 lb chuck roast 
* 2 round steak
* 1 pack of shank bone in 
* 1 pack of beef short ribs 

Delivery Info for December 2019

RED DEER delivery scheduled for Thursday, December 12th from 4pm - 6pm at the Eastview Skate Shack located at 120 Ellenwood, Red Deer, AB.

CALGARY delivery scheduled for Saturday, December 14th from 12pm - 1pm at Ol' Beautiful Brewing Company located at 1103 12 St SE, Calgary, AB.

CANMORE delivery scheduled for Saturday, December 14th from 3:00pm to 4:00pm at the Travel Alberta Visitor Center located at 2801 Bow Valley Trail, Canmore, AB.